Making the Most of Self Quarantine with Daphney - #FoxieFeatures✨

Charcoal self portraits, meditating, & revisiting old music playlists - This is how Daphney is coping with self quarantine!

Say hi to our third #FoxieFeature, Daphney! Daphney works in advertising for an art company and also works with luxury fashion and jewelry brands. We met Daphney at our local yoga studio and loved her look and energy, so we asked to shoot some of our styles on her.
✨Daphney Fun Facts✨
- She makes her own hair product! (She boils flaxseed to maintain her amazing curls - what a life saver!)
- She doesn't use personal social media! 
- She is a new New Yorker! She moved to NYC a year ago ( & she's loving the city life!)
    Since then, we wanted to catch up with her and see how self quarantine is going and ask her to share what her daily routine looks like along with her wellness tips. Let's get into it!

    When you're not working, what are you making, watching, ready & listening to? 

      • Making: charcoal self portraits for a drawing class I'm enrolled in. I also have a weekly virtual knitting (and wine) night with my girlfriends
      • Reading: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (absolutely profound) and Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer
      • Watching: you better believe I've binged watch Tiger King
      • Listening: been feeling nostalgic, so my college playlist circa 2014. Highly recommend going through your music archives!

      What does your WFH routine look like these days? 

      Truth be told, I'm still figuring out a routine that works for me! That said, everyday I meditate, talk with friends/family, and laugh.  

      Now that Yoga Room is closed how do you keep up with your practice at home?

      YouTube! It's a goldmine of high-quality yoga and pilates videos.

      Any Meditation tips?

      Just do it. No, really do it. Here is a guide to begin.

      What's keeping you grateful these days?

      Hands down, my friends and family. We all got to support each other through this. Also, internet.


      Thank you, Daphney! Daphney is featured in a few of our product photos & social media postings, so you will definitely see her around. ✨

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