Working From Home in Style with Emma ✨- #FoxieFeature

Our second #FoxieFeature is Emma Honohan Jones! Emma is a merchandise assistant at Macy's and blogger, who we had the pleasure of connecting with over instagram. As we all start adjusting to our new WFH routines, we wanted to interview Emma to see what her work day looks like and share some of her tips on getting through the days. Let's get right into it!

"There's a lot of craziness going on with covid 19 so lately each day has been quite different in terms of work!"

What does your WFH routine look like? Take us through an exciting day of quarantine! 

I try to keep it as similar to what going to the office would look like. I still like to wake up early before I have to log on so I have time to wash my face, change my clothes (just into sweats or something just so I'm out of pjs) walk our dog, po and drink coffee. I start off with going through emails and making my daily to-do list. There's a lot of craziness going on with Covid-19, so lately each day has been quite different in terms of work!

I always take a 30 min lunch to make sure to close my computer and either take the dog for a walk or spend time with my family to make sure I get up and move at least once! The rest of the day is filled with snacking, creating indoor content, and we've started movie night with the family where we each pick a movie every night to avoid boredom.

When you're not working, what are you making, watching, ready & listening to?

So weird to say but I literally watched Tiger King in one day on Netflix. It's too weird to explain you just have to watch. Also a guilty pleasure is watching Tik Toks- have yet to make one but love to watch the funny ones. I've also tried to be more creative with my content lately since it's much more restricting than I'm used kind of forces me to think outside the box!

What's keeping you from going stir crazy?

Coming up with ideas of what to do. I like brainstorming a bunch of ideas all at once and kind of making a laundry list of to-do things so that when I do find myself bored I can just think of what I have on that list.

✨Emma's No Boredom To-Do List: 

1. Film videos

2. Create backdrops for photos

3. Reading a new book

4. Coloring

5. Animal crossing

6. Tie dying

7. Exercising

8. Editing and creating in general!

What's the first thing you're gonna do once quarantine is over?!

GO OUT TO EAT. I miss all the good NYC food so badly I get so many cravings from our favorite restaurants. Also I've been deprived of vintage shopping since you cant just go online shopping for it. Husband and I already have our first day planned out :)

Wellness tips?  

Moving your body is so big now more than ever. To be honest I've been really slacking with exercise so now is the perfect time to do at home workouts! I've been getting a lot of workout ideas from everyone going on live and posting to their stories their workout so I'll just pick a few exercises and rotate through those!

 As of last week, Emma has been on furlough. How have your days been since & what is your take on it?

Since then I’ve been trying to fill my days with activities as much as possible to avoid boredom. I am trying to read and journal more. I also picked up coloring and try to use tv as a last resort. Also have been brainstorming fun ideas to do when I really get bored like learning to sew.


Thank you for sharing your WFH routine & tips, Emma! 

You can find emma on Instagram (@emmahonohan) ! ✨

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