To celebrate this Mother’s Day we rounded up a handful of blooming, mother-owned entrepreneurs that bring us home with their value of feminine energy when it comes to their brands and running their businesses.

 We often see that if you want to succeed, you have to drive and strive, you have to push. Hard. But we are living proof alongside three awe-inspiring mother-led brands: @imogacollection @pompandwhimsy @tessandtricia that there’s another way and it starts with the divine feminine within all of us. These savvy businesswomen, conquer life with fearlessness but also take the time to smell the roses. They are wholeheartedly themselves. 

We took this opportunity to practice the art of gathering as women from different ages, ethnicities and walks of life to honor being a mom. It was a blast of color, prints and textures, surrounded by blooms. The perfect garden party. 

Our Mother’s Day Campaign was a celebration of the heroines’ journey. 

During the week of May 12th-19th we are donating 15% of all sales from to Moms for Moms, @MomforMomsNYC a registered 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to providing assistance to single mothers in need throughout New York City. Supporting moms is at our core.

Every mother counts. 


Su Yong  &  Stephanie

Makeup: @marianabull74

Photography: @yulia_nar_photography

Special thank you to @imintentionallyblank for completing our looks with your amazing shoes

Thank you for adorning us with beautiful blooms @jrosewholesaleflowers , @stemsbrooklyn